Tubular heater element folded short circuit fault

Fold short circuit fault

Burn resistance wire

Reason: A, electric tube burned caused a short circuit;

B, the heating tube leads or leads lead off caused by short circuit;

C, resistance wire diameter is too small, lack of capacity;

D, electric socket accumulation of dirt or carbonization caused by short circuit

E, the power cord plug and electric socket short circuit;

Solution: A, replace the heating pipe;

B, re-welding;

C, replace the appropriate resistance wire heating tube, under normal circumstances, iron chromium aluminum resistance wire can be used.

D, remove dirt, repair or replacement parts

E, repair or replace the power plug or electric socket;

Not fever

Reason: A, for the adjustable temperature control heating pipe, the temperature controller contacts bad contact or blow off.

B, power supply is not normal or power outage;

C, resistance wire has been blown;

D. The power cord plug is in poor contact with the hot socket, or the power cord wire is open circuited;

E, electric tube has been burned;

F, Heater tube lead or lead off;

Solution: A, heating tube is not good for repair, it is recommended to replace;

B, normal use after power supply;

C, heating tube scrapped, re-production and installation of the same type of resistance wire;

D, check the line for repair or replacement;

E, replace the installation of the same specifications electric pipe;

F, re-welding lead or lead;


Reason: A, the circuit leads fall off collide with the cup;

B, electric tube burn out and cup short circuit;

C, did not take the ground line;

D, hot plug or power plug too much dirt;

E, electric tube insulation damage;

F, improper cleaning, moisture into the cup;

Solution: A, check off the wire, re-welding;

B, electric tube is damaged replace the same specifications electric tube;

C, according to the requirements to connect the ground and check whether it is correct;

D, correctly cleaned and dried;

E, check the repair if there is such an event suggested replacement;

F, correctly cleaned and dried;