80KW pipe heater electrical control

The electrical control of 1,80KW pipe heater is as follows:

(1) The heater control is divided into two groups of heating control, which are divided into main heating and basic heating. The main heating power is 40KW, each group has 15 heating tubes, the basic heating power is 40KW, and each group has 15 heating tubes.

(2) Automatic control by intelligent temperature regulator. The temperature control point is divided into one outlet, one heating cylinder, and two temperature control points. The outlet temperature signal is automatically adjusted for temperature, and the temperature inside the heating cylinder is temperature protection, anti-dry burning, and over temperature protection control. The heating control adopts dual display intelligent regulator, PID fuzzy control, and the main control device is solid state relay. Adjust according to the temperature control signal for precise control.

(3) 22OV control loop has separate open protection

2, control plan description

(1), the pipeline heater is divided into one power supply line, the working voltage is AC380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire.

(2) The control of the heater uses the high-precision digital display temperature controller PID fuzzy control to monitor the heater outlet temperature to ensure that the total outlet temperature is controlled by the process requirements.

(3), overheat protection: 1 protection temperature measurement point is selected in the pipeline heater pipe, and the internal temperature measurement component is PT100. The overheat protection temperature measurement signal detects the surface temperature of the heating element of the heater through the external meter. Once overheating occurs for some reason, the sound and light alarm immediately.

(4) Medium temperature control: a temperature sensor is arranged at the outlet of the heater, and the internal temperature measuring component is PT100. This temperature signal is transmitted to the temperature controller for comparison, calculation, and output of a voltage pulse with PID tracking control. The signal is used to control the solid state relay in the electrical control cabinet, and the outlet temperature is controlled by the on/off of the solid state relay.

3, the function of the electrical control cabinet

(1), start control of the electric heater;

(2), the stop control of the electric heater;

(3) Over-limit alarm of surface temperature of electric heating element

(4), electric heating element surface temperature alarm setting

(5), the setting of the electric heater outlet temperature, display;

(6), electrical automatic protection.