Advantages of industrial electromagnetic induction heaters for electromagnetic induction heating equipment

Electromagnetic induction heater principle introduction Metal in the magnetic field, receiving high-speed magnetic field alternating induction, generating numerous small eddy currents and self-heating, placing the injection molding machine barrel in the magnetic field, the metal barrel directly becomes the heating medium, supplemented by Insulation layer, so as to achieve energy saving, high efficiency, good craftsmanship, long life, good environment and so on.

◆Electromagnetic induction heater thermal energy conversion induction heating technology can convert more than 95% of electric energy into heat energy, and will not dissipate heat energy into the air. In addition, the energy of screw shearing heat and chemical heat can be effectively utilized. Three-pronged approach to maximize energy savings.

◆Reducing the ambient temperature---Environmental friendliness Due to the protection of the insulation layer, the surface of the coil is only about 65 degrees, and the operator can put it on the insulation layer with bare hands without scalding and burning. According to the amount of heat dissipation, it can save 4 months of air-conditioning and cooling period every year, and save about 35% of electricity cost in air-conditioning energy consumption. The workshop will bid farewell to the summer heat of 50 degrees in the summer, thus improving the working comfort of workers.

◆Good injection molding process Because of rapid heating, plastic or other heated materials can achieve sufficient melting state in the lower feeding section, good melt quality, dispersion of color masterbatch, dispersion of filler, filler of glass fiber auxiliaries, etc. Fully mixed, stirred, evenly dispersed, the physical properties of the parts, the surface quality is better and more perfect, and the heating has no dead angle, which can reduce the injection pressure, so that the mechanical part of the injection molding machine also has a relatively energy-saving effect, the melt quality is good, Improve material flow, mold rate, and shorten the injection cycle.

◆Comprehensive advantages: This kind of high-efficiency energy-saving products of Kunpeng electromagnetic induction heaters Nowadays, many plastic machines such as wire drawing machines, blown film machines, granulators, injection molding machines, extruders, etc. have begun to use electromagnetic heating to heat the machine because of the tradition. A large part of the resistive heating heat is dissipated into the air, so that the electrical energy is wasted, and the wasted power is usually around 40%~50%. The electromagnetic heater uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to make the metal object itself heat inside, and then put a layer of insulation cotton on the outside to protect the temperature and prevent the temperature from dissipating into the air. Therefore, the electromagnetic heater heating method saves at least 30% of electricity than the heating coil method.