Advantages of tubular electric heaters

1, tubular heater heat exchange area is large, speeding up heat exchange speed, high efficiency.

2, with a good heat exchange medium, heat transfer speed is fast.

3, the heating element is protected from moisture, and the water and electricity are completely isolated to ensure that the tubular heater is safe and secure.

4. Reduce the heat load of the heating element, reduce the generation of scale, and extend the service life of the tubular heater.

5, the heating time is long, the pipeline channel is heated, the pipeline is long, the heating time is longer, and the heat transfer is more sufficient.

6, tubular heater water flow channel and pipeline are surrounded by the whole tube, no welding connection, no large area of liquid-tight seal to prevent corrosion liquid leakage.

7, the heating element terminal will generate heat due to the contact, should be in the low temperature area of the heating element, the terminal should be dispersed, reduce its own heat, to ensure the safe use of the tubular heater.