Application of electric heating tubes in industrial fields

Electric heating tubes have been widely used in the industrial field. Its heating element is a selected alloy, and the thermal strain characteristics of its own resistance enable it to actively adjust the heating power, adjust the dynamic heating power according to the technology to describe the temperature, and heat the catalyst medium passing through the equipment pipeline, then progress the activity of the catalyst, can produce more types of goods, progress economic benefits.

This kind of electric heating tube will also show different problems in the process of use, so if you want to deal with the problem in time and let it run normally, you must master the working principle of this type of electric heating tube.

The working principle of electric heating Tube: this electric heating element is triangular wiring, and the outlet of the electric heating tube is equipped with a temperature sensor, the thermocouple is a temperature measuring element, and the temperature can reach 800 degrees. The technical adjustment of the heating power is mainly through the control of the conduction angle of the TRIAC in the voltage regulation module to complete the output voltage of the voltage regulation module and then change the power of the electric heating tube.

The medium temperature detection equipment can detect the temperature of the medium in the equipment. The medium temperature transmitter converts the temperature signal into a current signal and sends it to the emergency stop normally closed point, compared with the fundamental heating temperature signal set by the technology, the electric heating tube sends the control signal to the computer intelligent controller of the voltage regulating module to control the conduction angle of the TRIAC, to regulate the output voltage of the module and then change the power of the heater to reach the intention of controlling the temperature of the medium.