Auxiliary electric heater element what

Auxiliary electric heater element although small in size, but its power, auxiliary electric heater element of the function?

Auxiliary electric heater first uses cluster-style tubular electric heating elements, heat response speed, high precision temperature control, high overall efficiency. Heating temperature, heater design maximum task temperatures of up to 850 degrees Celsius. Medium temperature average, high precision of temperature control. Use wide limits, compliance, and the heater can be used in explosion-proof or popular sites, explosion-proof up to d grade II level b and level c, pressure up to 20MPa.

Auxiliary electric heater element long life, high reliability, the heater uses the extraordinary electric material manufacturing, low power design appearance and multiple maintenance, electric heater safety and life expectancy added. Fully automatic control: after a heater circuit design upon request, facilitating export parameters such as temperature, flow, pressure automatic control and computer networking.

In addition, the auxiliary electric heater element also has energy-saving features, and the effect is very obvious because the heat energy is almost totally to the heating medium.