Central air conditioning installed auxiliary heater please these conditions

Central air conditioning auxiliary heaters are electric auxiliary heating heating help, are designed to rely on the compressor to move heat, which is different in the summer air conditioning compressor is to carry the indoor heat outside, handling and air conditioning in the winter is an outdoor heat indoors. Because of the cold winters, and very few outdoor heat, lack of capacity of the compressor will not be able to carry the heat to the Interior, and sometimes even the compressor itself is unable to start.

At this time, central air conditioning auxiliary heater is needed, otherwise, the compressor will not start on the one hand, on the other hand, air conditioning system warm goal could not be achieved. Therefore, it is self-evident, you need to install central air conditioning auxiliary heater there are two common situations:

First, the use of these products in high latitude and cold area;

The other hand, is the insufficient capacity of the compressor, need electric auxiliary heating auxiliary heating.