Classification and application of thick film heaters

The thick film heater, that is, the heating plate, uses an electrothermal alloy wire as a heating material, uses a mica soft plate as an insulating material, and is outsourced with a thin metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.) for heating. Typical applications are for example electric hot water bottles. The metal tubular electric heating element is cast in an aluminum plate, an aluminum plate or welded or mounted on an aluminum plate or an aluminum plate to form an electric heating plate of various shapes and electric heating. Typical applications include rice cookers, electric irons, electric coffee makers, and the like.
      01, carbon crystal heating plate
      The carbon crystal heating plate is a heating material prepared by carbon fiber modification and ball milling to form carbon crystal particles, and the carbon crystal particles and the polymer resin material are synthesized by a special process.
      The carbon crystal heating plate heats the surface temperature of the chip to rise rapidly at ambient temperature within a few tens of seconds of energization, and conducts conduction heating at a constant temperature. This product is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving, economy, pollution-free, long life and controllable temperature. The cost of use is only about half of that of ordinary electric heating.
  As a kind of modified and purified carbon crystal grain heating product, carbon crystal heating plate has greatly improved the heating uniformity, fire resistance, safety, weather resistance, electrothermal conversion efficiency and infrared radiance. And improve.
      02, stainless steel heating plate
Stainless steel thermostat heating plate is widely used in drying, drying and other temperature testing of samples. It is an indispensable tool for biological, genetic, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, education and scientific research. Its main features:
      1. The heater is made by casting molding I, and there is no warping deformation at high temperature.
      2. The panel is made of stainless steel and has excellent corrosion resistance.
      3. The maximum heating power is 2000W, and the maximum heating area is 0.08 square meters.
      4. The temperature is controlled by the temperature adjustment knob, which is easy to operate and safe to use.
      03, ceramic heating plate
      It is composed of ceramic materials with good thermal shock resistance. It has a metal oxide raw material with good far-infrared radiation performance and puts in an appropriate amount of additives to increase the radiation intensity and enhance the flexibility of the blank shaft.
      The outer casing is made of cold-rolled sheet and the surface is electrostatically sprayed. The heating plate surface is made of high-quality ceramic material, the temperature setting is automatically controlled, and the digital display has large heating area, fast heating, uniform temperature,
      Temperature control is precise, saving time and effort. The heating plate surface is made of high quality ceramic material, which is corrosion resistant, aging resistant, durable, safe and reliable.
      The embedded ceramic far-infrared radiant heating plate has the advantages of high emissivity, good integrity, good thermal stability, high dielectric strength, clean and hygienic, and control and temperature.
      04, cast aluminum cast iron heating plate
      The working panel is made of cast iron, which has superior anti-corrosion performance and uniform working surface temperature.
      05, cast copper heating plate
      The cast-plate electric heating ring/plate structure is the same as the thin-shell heating plate, except that the plate surface is a metal casting, so the strength is large and the plate surface is not easily deformed. At present, most of the domestic structures adopt this structure. tube
The heating plate is a heating plate formed by bending a tubular electric heating element into a plane spiral involute. The metal tubular electric heating element has a semi-circular cross section, and the surface of the plate is flat, such a cross section enables the heating plate and cooking. There is a large heat transfer surface between the bottom of the pot to improve thermal efficiency.
      06, glass fiber heating board
      It has the advantages of no open flame, insulation, energy saving and safety. Suitable for multiple sample heating in the laboratory. Glass fiber heating plate