Detailed notes of installing auxiliary electric heater

As a professional enterprise, below we introduce the use of air conditioning heater Note:

A, auxiliary electric heaters should be installed on the outlet side of unit in parallel pipes, build the terminals near the outlet and the other end to inlet. Summer when not in use, close the auxiliary electrical heater connecting valve.

Second, the electric heater must be heated before turning on the exhaust, we recommend installing flow switch to avoid heater dry, affecting the service life of the heating tubes.

Third, before and after the installation of valves, pressure gauges and thermometers, in order to observe and adjust the heater working conditions;

Four, main power supply should be provided separately, according to the manufacturer's diagrams according to selection standards-compliant cables are connected correctly before they can be put into use.

Five control linkage with the host, host heater after a signal, special conditions can be set to a separate manual control.

Six, inlet filter recommended in summer when not in use, it is best to remove electric heating tubes make the necessary inspection and cleaning.

Seven, shut down when not in use during the winter months, to release the bottom of the electric auxiliary heater valve opens, place the cylinder water clean, in case the heater is cold.