Do you know the manufacturing process of tubular heater?

The principle of electric heater is to convert electric energy into heat energy to heat objects, and tubular heater is one of our most common electric heaters. Because it has a characteristic that it can heat both liquid and gas, it is widely used in various household, commercial and industrial equipment. Today, the editor will take the tubular heater as an example to briefly introduce the manufacturing process of the tubular heater. The manufacturing process of tubular heater is mainly divided into the following steps: pipe making, wire winding, welding, filling, rolling, annealing, bending/pressing, sealing, inspection/packaging.

Before packaging the tubular heater is finished, several electrical tests are required to check whether its electrical properties meet the requirements, including resistance value test, electrical insulation test and thermal dielectric strength test. The resistance value test is to ensure the stability of resistance wire resistance, which is directly related to the stability of tubular heater power. The electrical insulation test is to ensure that the leakage current is kept at a low level. The purpose of the thermal dielectric strength test is to test the pressure resistance of the tubular heater under working conditions.