Heating pipe features!

  Small volume and high power of heating Tube: The heater mainly adopts cluster tubular electric heating element. Fast thermal response, high temperature control precision and high comprehensive thermal efficiency. High Heating Temperature: heater design * high task temperature up to 32℃. Average outlet temperature of medium, high temperature control precision. Wide application limitation and strong adaptability: the heater can be used in explosion-proof or popular places, with explosion-proof grade up to dⅱ B and C, and withstand voltage up to 20MPa. Long service life and high reliability: the heater is made of extraordinary electric heating materials, with low power load on the design surface and multiple maintenance, which greatly increases the safety and service life of the electric heater. Fully Active Control: according to the requirements, through the heater circuit design, it can conveniently complete the active control of outlet temperature, flow rate, pressure and other parameters, and can be connected with the computer. The energy saving result of heating pipe is obvious, and the heat generated by electric energy is transmitted to heating medium.

  Fluid explosion-proof electric heater is a method of converting electric energy into heat energy to heat the materials to be heated. In the task, the low-temperature fluid medium enters its inlet through the pipeline under the pressure effect, along the specific heat exchange runner inside the electric heating vessel, and applies the design approach of fluid thermodynamics principle, take away the high temperature heat energy generated in the electric heating element task, raise the temperature of the heated medium, and obtain the high temperature medium required by the process at the outlet of electric heater. Electric heater the internal control system actively adjusts the output power of electric heater according to the temperature sensor signal of the output port to make the medium temperature of the output port average; When the fever component overheats, independent overheating maintenance and installation of fever components cut off the heating power supply immediately to prevent the overheating of heating materials from causing transformation, coking and carbonization. In severe cases, Fever components will burn out, which is useful to extend the service life by electric heater.