How can water heaters be used energy-efficiently?

1. When using, make settings in advance according to usage habits

If it is not used for a long time, occasionally use it once or twice, it is best to turn it off, and it is better to turn it on an hour or so in advance, because if it is not used for a long time, repeated heating will increase the scale and reduce the volume, which will greatly increase the power consumption. .

If it is used frequently, but it is only used for bathing, it is recommended to turn it on when it is used. However, if more people in the home are used repeatedly, switching the electric water heater often will damage the circuit, which is not good for the electric water heater. frequency.

2. Set the temperature

It is recommended to set it at an intermediate temperature of 45-55 degrees, so that it can be used immediately when washing; wait a little while bathing, not too long, and greatly shorten the heating time, which will greatly reduce power consumption. If you choose a water heater with medium temperature and reservation function, it will be more convenient to achieve energy saving effects.

3. Regular cleaning to improve heating efficiency

Cleaning and removing the scale of the water heater liner and the accessories on the heating tube, the heating efficiency of the heating tube is greatly improved, and the thermal conductivity is not compromised. Especially water heaters that have reached a certain useful life, or water heaters in areas with poor local water quality. Scale will be more serious. Wrapping the attachment on the heating tube will reduce the heat conduction efficiency, prolong the heating time, and seriously waste energy. It is also an enemy of energy saving.