How do electric heaters and heavy oil electric heaters operate separately?

Electric heaters and heavy oil electric heaters have different operating procedures and must be strictly observed to ensure that their efficacy is fully utilized. Before the operation of the electric heater, sufficient preparation work needs to be done, mainly to check the instrument parameters in the liquid level meter, the explosion-proof junction box and the control cabinet. If there is any problem, if it should be solved in time, so as not to damage the electric heating. Device.

When wiring, the electric heater and the explosion-proof junction box should have a reliable grounding treatment to eliminate safety hazards. When there is no medium flowing in the electric heater, it cannot be used to avoid burning the electric heater. And the working parameters of the equipment can not be arbitrarily changed to avoid problems.

If the electric heater is not to be used for a long time, all circuit breakers should be disconnected and stored properly. When the electric heater stops working, it should be cooled first to avoid the temperature being too high and damaged, and then the subsequent cleaning and storage work.

The heavy oil heater is an energy-saving device for preheating or reheating the fuel oil. It is installed in front of the combustion equipment to warm the fuel oil before combustion, so as to reduce the viscosity of the fuel oil at high temperature. To promote the role of full atomization and combustion, and ultimately achieve the purpose of energy conservation.