How much do electric water heaters have in common? I do n’t know how much it costs

Under normal circumstances, the power consumption of a newly purchased electric water heater is generally not too large, but after one year of use, it will be found that the electric water heater not only slows down the heating, but also consumes a large amount of electricity, and the electricity costs are rising rapidly. You still can't figure it out, thinking that I haven't bought new appliances?

In fact, the reason is that when the electric water heater is used, the tap water is heated, and the scale in the water will be attached to the heating pipe, which will cause the heating pipe to be unable to heat normally, and eventually cause the water heater to heat slowly and consume a large amount of power.

However, in fact, the person who designed the electric water heater has taken this into consideration, and intentionally added a magnesium rod to the electric water heater to prevent scale from clumping on the heating rod to ensure that the heating tube is heated normally and the power consumption is very low. However, the disadvantage is that the magnesium rod is damaged. The long-term use of the electric water heater will consume the magnesium rod, so the magnesium rod needs to be replaced regularly.

Generally, it is necessary to check the condition of the magnesium rod after using it for about two years. If the magnesium rod is used up, it should be replaced in time. Otherwise, the heating tube in the electric water heater will be surrounded by scales, so that the heat of the heating tube cannot be radiated into the water. 2. It consumes a lot of power, and will increase the temperature of the heating tube, shorten the life and damage the electric water heater.

In addition, impurities in the tap water will also adhere to the heating tube, resulting in slow heating of the electric water heater and large power consumption. Therefore, in addition to replacing the magnesium rods regularly, the electric water heater should also be cleaned frequently. But how long does the electric water heater need to be cleaned after using it? How to clean it?

Keep the bladder water clean, long-term protection of the normal heating of the heating tube, the magnesium rod will be used longer, and you no longer have to worry about high electricity bills!