How to ensure the safety of the Tubular Heater

Tubular Heater are devices that are used more often in work and life, such as electric stoves, electric irons, electric irons, electric heaters, electric ovens, etc. All belong to electric heating equipment.
The resistance wire of the Tubular Heater is made of nickel and chrome alloy and the temperature exceeds 800 °C. Because the power of the electric heater is relatively high, if the user neglects safety, the fire may break out at any time. Factors that cause the electric heater to catch fire include: First, placing an energized electric heater on a combustible material or near a combustible material may result in a fire under long-term high temperature baking. Another reason is that the electric heater has no device plug and directly inserts the wire end into the socket, so it is easy to cause a short circuit and fire. Third, the plug of the electric heater was not unplugged when the user left. The time is too long, causing the electric heater to overheat, igniting nearby combustibles and forming a fire. Fourth, after repeated repairs, the resistance wire will continue to be used, which may cause a fire due to line overload.
Therefore, during operation, inflammable and explosive materials should not be placed near the electric heater, and a certain safe distance needs to be maintained. The electric heater needs to be placed on a non-combustible material base that is not thermally conductive. It is necessary to meet the capacity requirements of the electric heater in order to safely cut off the flow of the heating wire. In any case, industrial electric heaters should be equipped with separate circuits.