How to remove the smell of vehicle air conditioner to make the car cute

1. Use the high-end fan operation

For slight odors, you can park the vehicle under the sun, adjust the knob to the warm wind, and then turn the fan to the highest position, open all the doors to let the dirty air out of the vehicle. In this way, ultraviolet light can be used to disinfect the interior of the car, and dust in the air duct can be effectively removed. It can be deodorized in about 5 minutes, economical and convenient.

2. Replace the air conditioner filter

Air conditioning filter is the most easily overlooked place. Many car owners don't even know that there is an air conditioning filter on the car. An overly dirty filter element does not serve its original purpose and will cause secondary pollution to the air entering the car. To be completely normal, it is recommended to replace it twice a year (winter and summer). If the vehicle is often driven on a road with poor air quality, the replacement cycle of the filter element should be replaced in due course.

3. Clean air-conditioning duct

Regular replacement of the filter element can indeed block the dirty air outside the car, but the vehicles that are used at the right time will still have dust and mold in the air conditioning system, which requires the air conditioner air duct cleaning agent to clean up.

First find the installation position of the air conditioner filter element, spray the cleaning agent into the air duct from the position of the filter element, then turn on the air conditioner to the highest level, and open the window to run for a few minutes.

In addition, the filter may be interrupted when the air conditioner is allowed to use. If the working efficiency of the air conditioner and heater is found to be low, you can remove the air conditioner filter to remove the dust or replace it according to the actual use. Carry out regular maintenance of the air-conditioning system and maintain the car to create a comfortable driving space for yourself.