How to replace the heating tube in the household oven?

When the oven does not heat properly, there may be a built-in electric heating tube that is broken, which needs to be replaced. The steps are not complicated and can be replaced as follows;

1.Disconnect the power supply

2. Remove the panel covering the heating element

Due to the design differences of different oven products, the metal plate covering the electric heating tube may be disassembled in different ways. Generally, it is in the bottom of the oven, and there are some card slots on the edge, which can be pulled up with a little force.

Some ovens may be designed to first press down on the panel and then pull it up. These are not very difficult. You can open the panel on the heating tube with a little groping.

3. Remove the electric heating tube

Use a screwdriver to unscrew and pull out the screws for each connection. Most heating tubes have 2 screws on the bottom and 2 screws on the back.

4. Separately connected wires

The electric heating tube has a wire connection with the oven, and care should be taken not to damage other components when disassembling.

Determine the specifications of the electric heating tube. If there are specifications on the product, please purchase a new electric heating tube according to this specification. If not, measure the diameter of the electric heating tube and calculate the heating tube power.

5. Install a new electric heating tube

Screw on the screw and cover the bottom panel. After closing the panel, pay attention to tighten the card slot to prevent looseness, connect the power supply, and test the electric heating tube. After the power is turned on, the outside of the electric heating tube will heat evenly. There will be a little smoke when the electric heating tube is used. After a few minutes, the smoke will dissipate after a few minutes. If there is still a lot of smoke after 15 minutes, please disconnect the power immediately, perhaps because some part of the oven is on fire. Please contact a professional for repair.