Pipeline heater related knowledge

The pipe heater is an electric heating device that heats the medium in the pipe, and can be heated by liquid or gas. The utility model comprises a temperature control unit composed of a single chip microcomputer and a temperature sensor, and further has two bush-shaped metal inner shells, and an electric heating tube is fixed on the inner wall surface of the two metal inner shells;

      The utility model further has two bearing-shaped heat-conducting layers which are made of heat-conducting materials for fitting on the pipeline, and the outer wall surface of the formed heat-conducting layer is adhered to the inner wall surfaces of the two metal inner shells; and the outer wall surface of the two metal inner shells is further attached. a bearing-shaped forming insulation layer, and two bearing shells on the surface of the two forming insulation layers;

      There is also a fixing member for engaging the above-described heating assembly on the pipe. The pipeline heater has high thermal efficiency, and is convenient for installation and disassembly. It is widely used in various pipeline heating occasions.

      The resistance wire of the pipeline heater is made of nickel or chrome alloy and has a temperature of up to 800*C. Because the power of the pipeline heater is relatively large, if the user neglects safety, the fire may occur at any time. The factors that cause fire in the pipeline heater are:

      One is to place the energized electric heater on the combustible or perhaps near the inflammable material, causing a fire under long-term high temperature baking.

      Second, the electric heater does not have a device plug, and directly pierces the wire head into the socket, thus easily causing a short circuit and causing a fire.

      Third, the operator does not remove the plug of the electric heater when it is detached. The time is too long, and the electric heater is overheated, and the nearby combustibles are lit to constitute a fire.

      Fourth, the resistance wire is continuously applied after repeated repairs, which may constitute a line overload and cause a fire.

      Pipeline heaters are mainly used in the early heating of asphalt, heavy oil, oil and other substances. They are attributed to energy-saving equipment. The main equipment of pipeline heater manufacturers is in front of the equipment, which can better complete the heating of the material, but can not be used in long-term water. And the cold zone. The temperature of the pipe heater will vary depending on the environment, material and shape required for heating.