Reasons for heating in the south

Relevant information shows that the temperature is lower than 12 people will feel cold, the southern winter average temperature of 6.5, the average humidity of 75% (only 25% in the north). Humidity causes a somatosensory temperature of only 2.5. This cold, dampness is the root cause of various diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, female body cold, vascular rigidity, and endocrine disorders.

Floor heating benefits to the human body

Winter climate is cold and cold is the root cause of various diseases, especially the middle-aged and elderly people with complications such as rheumatism and arthritis. The cold and cold climate raises the condition more and more serious; many women have body cold, palace cold, and winter is even more Need to pay attention to keep warm. The floor heating is warm, the indoor temperature is even and stable, the temperature is warm and the top is cool, and it is not blown by the hot air. The temperature and humidity are maintained at the most suitable range of the human body, which promotes the blood circulation of the body and improves the skin quality for children, women and The benefits for the elderly are particularly significant.