Regulations for the use of electric heater elements

Everything needs to follow the laws and regulations to do, just as electric heater equipment, there are instructions for use, but for industrial electric heaters, non-standard electric heaters, different working environment, different power settings, different heating Medium, the size of the electric heater components, the use of methods are not the same, but there are also some of each electric heater must be followed, to tell you the Chinese electric heater network, electric heater internal components in use, The following principles to be followed:

1, first of all to fully understand the use of electric heater temperature requirements, select the appropriate electric heater equipment. In general, the greater the power, the faster the heating, the shorter the warming up time and vice versa.

2, electric heater equipment is strictly prohibited dry, in particular, invasive electric heating elements, and such electric heating elements are made of stainless steel 304 as the material. 

3, choose the right power electric heating pipe, under the premise of ensuring the effective use of temperature should pay attention to the power load problem. 

4, fully understand the use of electric heating pipe environment, medium-mediated or infrared radiation and so on.

5, fully understand the wiring of electric heaters, usually connected to the star and the three-star connection, a single electric heating can connect 220v or 380v, a number of electric heating pipes can be directly connected to 380v.

6, dry stainless steel electric heating pipe to pay special attention to the cooling effect of the use of the environment, divided into still air and flowing air problems.