Should you pay attention to certain features when purchasing a steam iron?

Scale filtration

Most irons have scale filtration, but some do not. Our tests show that scale build-up is quite fast and the iron still needs this feature.

Comfortable handle

A good handle should be soft and smooth, and not too wide, or you will get tired when you grab it. You should also pay attention to the fact that the handle part should not be hard and the seam will surround the palm.

Tapered and thin bottom plate

The tip of the front end is gradually narrowed and thinner, so that the iron can be easily sagged with small pleats and under the button. The thick bottom plate makes it easier to hook buttons and zippers.

Water tank water injection operation

      Try to choose a light or transparent iron in the tank so that you can easily see how much water is left. A larger water injection port and a clear maximum water injection line will make it easier to add water, so you don't know if the water is full.

Automatically shut down

      An iron with this function will automatically turn off after a period of not being tested. This is a very useful safety feature, you don't have to worry about turning off and forgetting to turn off the iron when ironing.