The cause of fires in electric heating pipes

1. Place the energized electric heating tube near the flammable or inflammable material, causing fire under long-term high temperature baking.

2. The electric heating tube is not installed with a plug, and the electric wire head is directly inserted into the socket, so that a short circuit may occur and a fire may occur.

3. The user does not remove the plug of the electric heater when leaving, and the time is too long, causing the electric heater to overheat and igniting the adjacent combustibles to cause a fire.

4. The electric heating wire can be used after repeated repairs, which can cause the line to be overloaded and cause fire. It is worth noting that the electric heating wire of the electric heating tube of electric heating furnace is made of nickel and chrome alloy, and the temperature is up to 800 °C. Since the power of the electric heating pipe is relatively large, the user may accidentally ignore the safety, and the fire may occur at any time.