The composition of the electric heating tube

The composition of the electric heating tube:

1. Sheath tube; metal and non-metal materials, it has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, pressure bearing characteristics, and can be indirectly transferred by direct contact with the heated body or through the medium.

2. Heating element; using alloy heating wire, high temperature resistant iron chrome aluminum heating wire and anti-vibration nickel chrome heating wire.

3. Thermally conductive material; Magnesium oxide powder with excellent insulation and thermal conductivity, which isolates the heating element from contact with air and limits its displacement; the isolated heating element contacts the sheath tube, and the surface of the tube body is not charged.

4. Insulating sealing material; effectively preventing the heating wire and magnesium oxide powder from absorbing moisture and moisture, ensuring excellent electrical insulation performance of the electric heating tube; because of excessive moisture absorption, when the electric heating tube is energized, the moisture is evaporated into gas by heat, and the gas is accumulated. Expansion, it is easy to cause a pipe burst phenomenon.