The ptc heater principle

Constant temperature heating PTC thermistor has constant temperature heating characteristics. Its principle is that the PTC thermistor will heat up after being powered on, so that the resistance value enters the transition zone. The surface temperature of the thermostatic heating PTC thermistor will maintain a constant value, this temperature is only related to the Curie temperature and applied voltage of the PTC thermistor, and basically has nothing to do with the ambient temperature. The PTC heater is a heater device designed by using the thermostatic heating characteristics of the PTC thermistor. In small and medium power heating occasions, the PTC heater has the advantages of constant temperature heating, no open flame, high heat conversion rate, minimal influence by the power supply voltage, and long natural life, the application in electric heating appliances is increasingly favored by R & D engineers. Constant temperature heating PTC thermistor can be made into a variety of shape structure and different specifications, common are round, rectangular, long strip, ring and honeycomb porous. The combination of the above PTC heating elements and metal components can form various forms of high-power PTC heaters.