The structural principle of Air electric heater

The role of electric air heater in the flue gas desulfurization system, there are two main aspects: one is the circulating fluidized bed desulfurization project, used to heat the ash hopper sulfide air and the chute fluidized air; the second is the limestone/lime-gypsum desulfurization project, which is used to heat the flue gas baffle door to seal the air. Discuss the structural principle of the Air electric heater with everyone.

The Air electric heater is composed of two parts: the heater body and the control cabinet. The body is composed of multiple tubular electric heating elements, Shell, protective cover, base and other components. The heater is a tubular electric heating element and is made of high temperature resistance alloy wire, the stainless steel pipe is used as the protective casing, and the crystalline magnesium oxide filler is formed by compression process. It has the characteristics of good mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. A diversion partition is installed in the housing, which is evenly heated during air circulation.

When the electric heating element adopts grouping settings, the control cabinet can also adopt grouping control. The control part is composed of digital circuits, trigger circuits and other components. It is automatically put into use at low temperatures, alarms at high temperatures, and automatically cuts off, to achieve the purpose of uniform temperature control.