Traditional boiler heating method

1. Heating method

Traditionally, solid fuel coal used for boiler heating in households or general collective heating is mainly used for descaling large-scale industrial heating boilers. Liquid fuel and electric heating are the main methods.

2. Ways to improve boiler thermal efficiency

Boiler thermal efficiency refers to the ratio of the effective conversion of the boiler to the boiler input in series per unit time.

The input of the boiler is not equal to the effective conversion used, due to the heat loss during the heat transfer process.

If it is coal-fired heating, it is necessary to completely burn the fuel and recover the heat taken by the flue gas.

3. Taking the electric heating boiler as an example, simply analyze the shortcomings

There are many types of electric heating boilers, generally divided into resistance type, electrode type and electric membrane type according to electric heating elements.

Taking the most commonly used resistance heating boiler as an example, the heating process is generally: after the power is turned on, the tubular electric heating element using a high frequency converter generates high heat to make the water become hot water or steam, so the advantage of this method is that it is not charged in water There is no pollution to the water quality, the deficiency is that the number of electric heating elements is related to the size of the boiler capacity, that is, the boiler capacity is limited by the structural arrangement of the electric heating elements.