Tubular electric heater components features

Tubular electric heater components features

1. Small size, high power: The heater mainly uses bundled tubular heating elements. The heat responds quickly, the temperature control accuracy is high, and the overall thermal efficiency is high.

2. High heating temperature: heater design maximum task temperature up to 850 °C. Medium outlet temperature is average and the temperature control accuracy is high.

3. Wide range of use, strong compliance: The heater can be used in explosion-proof or popular places, explosion-proof grade up to dIIB grade and C grade, pressure resistance up to 20MPa.

4. Long life and high reliability: The heater is made of extraordinary electric heat data, designed to have a low external power load, and uses multiple maintenance to greatly increase the safety and life of the electric heater.

5 can be fully automatic control: according to the requirements of the heater circuit design, can facilitate the completion of the exit temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters of active control, and computer networking. The energy-saving result is obvious, and the heat generated by electric energy is transferred to the heating medium by almost 100%.