Tubular heating tube process

Tubular heating tube process:

The heating pipe is filled with electric heating wire inside the outer pipe (carbon steel pipe, titanium pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe), and the gap part is filled with magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation, and then the shrinkage pipe is formed. After the heat treatment process (individual pipe) Do not need), then processed into various shapes required by the user. It has a simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, and good adaptability to harsh environments. It can be used for the heating of various liquids and acid-base salts, and it can also be adapted to heat melting of metals with low melting point.

Tubular heaters use: Suitable for heating air, oil, water, chemical media, hot die, molten salt, alkali and low melting point alloys, etc. It has high thermal efficiency, long service life, high mechanical strength, easy installation, safe and reliable, etc. 

Tubular heater appearance classification: heating tube according to the different types can be divided into: straight type single-ended heating tube, straight double-ended heating tube, U-type heating tube, W-type heating tube, special-shaped heating tube, spiral heating tube.