What are the characteristics of the tube heater?

The pipeline heater is also a high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving radiant heater. When the pipeline heater is energized, it can form a strong broad-spectrum directional radiation in the vertical space of the pipeline heater. The pipeline heater can effectively convert the electric energy into a pipeline heater. The far-infrared radiant energy, the pipeline heater is directly transmitted to the object to be dried, the pipeline heater is rapidly converted into molecular thermal motion, the pipeline heater is dried from the inside to the outside, the pipeline heater achieves the purpose of rapid drying and setting, and the pipeline heating is obtained. Significant energy saving effect. The silicon carbide far-infrared electric heating plate of the pipeline heater is made of a silicon carbide plate coated with a metal oxide, that is, a far-infrared paint, as a radiating element, and the pipe heater is installed in the element hole (or in the groove). Into the hot wire, the bottom of the component of the pipe heater is placed with thick insulation, fire-resistant, heat-insulating material, and then the metal casing of the pipe heater is installed, and the terminal of the pipe heater can be used for power supply.