What is the role of coffee pot heating elements?

Resistance heating element is a very simple spiral, a bit like a filament lamp, or oven parts. In order to make it stronger, the resistance heating coil is gypsum fixed.


Resistance heating element has two roles:

1, the cold water heating.

2, once the coffee is made, the heating element can also maintain its temperature.


From this picture, you can see that the resistance heating element is located between the insulation board and the aluminum water pipe. It is placed directly on the bottom of the thermal board with white thermal grease to ensure effective thermal conduction. By the way, this grease can be used for more applications, such as stereo amplifiers, power supplies and more.


The switch of the coffee machine is responsible for the opening and closing of the heating element. In order to prevent the heating element from overheating, it has some components such as sensors and fuses. The sensor detects if the coil is too hot, and if so, it cuts off the current. After cooling, it is responsible for re-powering. So cycle, keep the coffee machine coil

temperature. Fuse is responsible for cutting off the power, if the main sensor fails, the fuse will cut off the power, keep the coffee machine safe.