Which occasions are suitable for cast aluminum electric heaters

A cast aluminum heater converts electrical energy into heat to heat an object. It is an important form of electrical energy utilization. Compared with general fuel heating, electric heating can obtain higher temperature (such as arc heating, temperature can reach above 3000 °C), easy to achieve automatic temperature control and remote control (such as car electric heating cup) can be as needed Keep the heated object at a certain temperature distribution.

The electric heating can directly generate heat inside the object to be heated, so the heat efficiency is high, the heating speed is fast, and the overall uniform heating or local heating (including surface heating) can be realized according to the heating process requirement, and vacuum heating and controlled atmosphere heating are easily realized. In the process of electric heating, less exhaust gas, residue and smoke are generated, which can keep the object to be heated clean and not pollute the environment. Therefore, electric heating is widely used in production, research and testing. In particular, electric heating is used in the manufacture of single crystals and transistors, mechanical parts and surface quenching, melting of ferroalloys, and manufacture of artificial graphite.

According to the specifications of explosion-proof electric heaters, manufacturers with more professional explosion-proof electric heating belts can provide better quality electric heaters, and they will be more obvious in functional use. These are the links that deserve more attention. Therefore, how to choose better is also a very important part, and it will be reflected in the cost performance.

Of course, it is also obvious that an electric heater that can heat, heat and heat the flowing or stationary solid-liquid gas medium is also a device that can convert electric energy into heat energy in an explosion-proof occasion or a household occasion, and is in use. There is better protection for stability, and it will be more obvious in terms of advantages.

The liquid explosion-proof electric heater is applied to the hot occasion that is not suitable for oil as the heat transfer medium. The liquid electric heater core heating part adopts the tubular cluster structure design, the device has fast thermal response, high thermal efficiency, and the temperature adopts the microcomputer intelligent double temperature double Control mode control, PID automatic adjustment, high temperature control accuracy, widely used in the thermal process of heating and insulation processes in petrochemical, textile printing and dyeing, printing industry, pharmaceutical and medical fields with working temperature ≤ 98 °C. The main components are equipped with international and domestic brand products, long service life, safety and environmental protection.