Wiring method when dry heating tube is used

Although the safety of electric heating tube has been continuously improved, but for us, we still have to pay great attention to the safe use of electric heating tube. At present, the heating wire of the electric heating pipe is made of core grinding equipment, which has a high degree of standardization of pipe diameter, closely cooperates with the equipment assembly, and has high thermal efficiency and fast heat dissipation. Dry-burning heating pipe should pay special attention to the heat dissipation effect of the use environment, which is divided into static air and flowing air problems. Fully understand the voltage of the electric heating tube, usually the voltage of the electric heating tube is 220V and 380V. Fully understand the wiring method of the electric heating tube, usually there are star connection and Triangle connection, a single electric heating tube can be connected to 220V or 380V, and multiple electric heating tubes are connected to 380V voltage.

It is precisely because of these advanced production processes that the quality of many electric heating tubes now produced is more stable, and the safety of the equipment is improved. For the need to heat fusible metal or solid nitrate, alkali, leachate, paraffin, etc., should first reduce the use voltage, until the medium is melted, can rise to the rated voltage. For heating air, the components should be arranged evenly across, so that the components have good heat dissipation conditions, so that the air flowing through can be fully heated. The electric heating tube in use should be fixed position. The effective heating area must be completely immersed in liquid or metal solid, and empty burning is strictly prohibited. When it is found that there is scale or carbon on the surface of the tube body, it should be cleaned and reused in time to avoid heat dissipation and shorten the service life. For electric heating tube technology, now the metal tube is mainly used as the shell. How to develop more advanced electric heating tube materials is a difficult problem for many enterprises. At present, most electric heating tubes generally use alloy heating wires as heating bodies.