Introduction To Tubular Heater

Introduction to Tubular Heater
        The tubular heater is made of metal pipe, helical resistance wire and good thermal conductivity, good electrical grade magnesium oxide powder, causing the terminal and so on. It is widely used for heating of liquid and air. More common is water heater, oven, coffee pot Wait. Tubular heater tubular heater
Tubular heater data
        Outer tube are usually In800, In840,304,316 L, 310S, aluminum, copper, low carbon steel.
  Magnesium oxide powder is based on different use of the request to choose not the same standard, there are high temperature powder, the temperature powder, and so on.
  Resistance wire for the heat, the information is usually two, Ni-Cr wire and Fe-Cr-Al.
Lead terminal data are usually two kinds: stainless steel and easy to cut iron.
  Sealing information are: epoxy, silicone, glass and so on.
Tubular heater technology
        Heating pipe is in the outer tube (carbon steel pipe, titanium tube, stainless steel tube, brass) into the electric wire, some of the open space filled with excellent thermal conductivity and insulation of the magnesium oxide powder from the tube, through the heat treatment technology Tube does not need), and then processed into the user needs a variety of shapes. It has a simple structure, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, excellent environment for harsh habit. It can be used for a variety of liquid and acid salt heating, but also used to dissolve the low melting point of metal heating.

  Tubular heater Scope of application: Suitable for heating air, oil, water, chemical medium, hot die, molten salt, alkali and low melting point alloy. With high thermal efficiency, long service life, high mechanical strength, easy installation, safe and reliable features. Tubular heater type: heating tube according to the appearance of different can be divided into: straight single-ended heating tube, straight-type double-ended heating tube, u-type heating pipe, W-type heating pipe, shaped heating tube, Heating pipe
Tubular heater within the heating effect of the resistance wire, if the uneven distribution, will cause the heating tube temperature distribution is uneven. If the violation, it will cause the electrical function of tubular heater down, and even electrical breakdown. Therefore, the use of X-ray device, can be observed to disperse the internal resistance wire to make a distinction.
In the future, solar thermal industry still need water tank auxiliary heating pipe to provide a reliable second heat source. In addition to safety first, if the use of electric heater in the process of any other problems, although it can be replaced by the replacement of the components, but the tank is put into use after the application is usually fixed in the user's balcony on the wall, in a small space to open the box It would be cumbersome to replace the part. So to ensure that the quality of the heater is to ensure the quality of solar water heaters, is to maintain the reputation of manufacturers and dealers one of the useful action.