How Does Aluminum Diecast Heater - Casting Heater Affect The Quality Of Solar Water Heater

How Does Aluminum Diecast Heater - casting heater affect the quality of solar water heater
 Water tank to a large extent decided on the solar water heater energy efficiency rating, Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater as the main auxiliary heating parts in the water, in the solar hot water system plays a major effect. The quality of the Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater affects the overall quality of the tank, which in turn affects the quality of all water heaters. So in the solar hot water project market, Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater quality problems will bring what effect?

Corrosion to Aluminum Diecast Heater Casting Heater Confusion
Due to the vast territory of China, the regional water quality conditions are not the same. In poor water quality areas, severe scale and corrosion will cause the Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater thermal efficiency serious decline, the metal tube corrosion caused by electric tube leakage, bringing personal injury and other security risks, the consequences could be disastrous. Corrosion will cause the flange welding parts of the perforated water leakage, such as the floor after the deformation of water and other secondary effects, to the user to form a larger property damage. Electric heating tube as a traditional commodity, the quality is not essential to the design of goods, but the key to ensure the quality of electric tube, strict control of the selection of materials and technical process control is the key.

Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater selection
Production of electric tube data, manufacturers will now be selected in the market can buy the standard trademark information, but to become a water tank Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater can use the information, but there are other special requirements, mainly in stainless steel pipe, magnesium oxide Powder for a brief example.

2.1 stainless steel pipe
Electric tube, corrosion resistance is necessary to meet the strong. In the control of the pipe, the pipe can be considered with fluorescence spectroscopy analysis of data, more important is to have the appropriate hardness and tensile strength and maintain the consistency of each batch of data. Unsuitable tensile strength, will cause the electric tube twist in the process of micro-cracks occurred in the use of a period of time or corrosion or cracking caused by failure. For the data, the data of different hardness will cause the extension of the extension of the inconsistent, Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater length error and add the rejection rate.

2.2 Magnesium oxide powder
Magnesium oxide powder as an electric tube to play insulation and thermal conductivity of the material, its main obvious. Although the heating tube only heated water, the temperature is not dry so high, no strict requirements on the magnesium oxide powder, but to ensure that the long-term life of the electric tube, or to control some of the fundamental key. For example, in terms of feed control, to analyze the chemical composition of each batch of data to ensure that the magnesium content of 96% or more, the strict control of boron, sulfur and other harmful elements, due to low temperature resistance of boron, power The use of the process will drop the temperature function of magnesium oxide, severe will cause leakage, and sulfur is corrosive, the resistance wire corrosion and decline in product life.

Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater production process to control

3.1 pipe
Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heater process to control the key point is the pipe, high-volume production of Aluminum Diecast Heater-casting heaters are used to receive welding, and thus how to ensure the quality of welding is very important. Some welding surface appears to be smooth and naked, but in practice there are shortcomings of the existence of micropores, there may be no welding, welding interface unreasonable and other shortcomings affect the strength of the weld, in the process control, the choice of eddy current testing equipment Check the welding quality online, together with the welding section of the metallographic analysis to determine the status of the welding parts.