Underfloor Heater Elements Favorable And Unfavorable Factors Affecting Professional Conduct Of

Underfloor Heater elements favorable and unfavorable factors affecting professional conduct of
1. favorable factors
Industrial policy support
At that time, energy-saving emission reduction has become a demand for all mankind, countries in the industrial policy have developed a number of ways to encourage energy-saving emission reduction. Underfloor Heater on the traditional incineration heating with small pollution, high thermal power advantage, With Underfloor Heaters instead of incineration heating from the point of view of energy saving and emission reduction, there is an infinite practical significance, especially about China so that in the power consumption structure 69% depends on the burning of coal countries (coal burning on the oil, natural gas, Its pollution is more severe), its importance and practical significance of the more outstanding. The company's goods hit the primary areas - the use of industrial waste recycling, the development of new power, the new energy-saving environmental protection equipment production, oil , Natural gas excavation, storage and pipeline transportation, storage of agricultural commodities, preservation, etc., are "the national key to encourage the development of industrial, commodity and skills directory (2000 revision)" and "industrial structure adjustment guide directory (2005 edition) "The main industrial support policy touched by the Company's products, see" This section / II, the issuer's location Occupational fundamentals / (a) Occupational management system The primary industry guidelines / 2, the primary industrial policy. "
The use of Underfloor Heaters continue to expand with the Underfloor Heater technology continues to carry out, improve, and national industrial policy to promote the Underfloor Heater on the traditional incineration heating alternative areas continue to extend, such as oil, natural gas mining and pipeline transportation areas, the original more The use of incineration heating method, along with the Underfloor Heater technology to carry out, and now its use of incineration and heating more and more large scale; China has been introduced throughout the city area of coal-fired boiler gradually screening methods, followed by coal-fired boiler gradually Screening, Underfloor Heater on the incineration of the heating instead of further extension.With, along with the Underfloor Heater technology continues to carry out, the use of Underfloor Heaters continue to expand the scope of the field.
Shopping malls on the needs of energy-saving environmental protection products to add Today, consumer awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection is growing, the new power of goods, energy-saving appliances, environmentally friendly electric cars and other energy-saving environmental protection needs to continue to add, this energy-saving environmentally friendly goods continue to add Need, support the national industrial policy support, promote the energy-saving environmental protection products and the associated Underfloor Heater merchandise stores to add.
(4) the development of photovoltaic industry urgently need to reduce the cost of photovoltaic power generation equipment photovoltaic industry as a new driving force of one of the main direction of the future development prospects are very broad, but now the PV industry is facing the most important question is the cost of photovoltaic power generation But also relatively high, and the traditional fossil power generation cost comparison is not an advantage.Today, the development of the photovoltaic industry on the one hand is the continuous development of photovoltaic industry skills, photovoltaic power generation has dropped significantly; the other is also the government subsidies The development of photovoltaic industry to further develop the urgent need to further reduce its power generation costs, the urgent need to reduce the cost of power generation equipment.Thenium tetrachloride cold hydrogenation technology equipment, can significantly reduce the production cost of polysilicon, the corresponding can also significantly reduce the photovoltaic Power generation costs, to promote the development of photovoltaic industry should be said that silicon tetrachloride cold hydrogenation equipment (Underfloor Heater system is the composition of some of the heart) to promote the use of China's photovoltaic industry is to promote the urgent needs.
Air conditioning sales need to be the peak of the arrival of China's air-conditioning industry from the beginning of the year 2000 frozen into the agile time to add, air-conditioning sales from the year 2000 frozen 13.2 million units added to 2010 frozen 801 million units because the air-conditioning service life is usually 8--10 years, so it is necessary peak of the upcoming replacement of air-conditioning professional.
 2, unfavorable factors
The impact of the global financial crisis swept the global financial crisis caused by the decline in the world economy, the domestic occupation of the economy were showing a significant decline, although the Chinese economy has been agile recovery, the world economy is gradually out of the trough, but the impact of the world financial crisis China's air-conditioning production accounts for 70% of the world's air-conditioning production, during which a larger share of exports.Now although the decline in air-conditioning exports has been greatly narrowed, but not yet, but not yet completely out of the tide. Rehabilitation add, on the air conditioning to help add the Underfloor Heater heater industry there must be a constraint effect.

The world's largest manufacturers in the induction strength still has a certain advantage Today, the domestic industrial Underfloor Heater industry, although in some of the central products has now reached the world's leading level in the commodity offer advantages, but in all the Underfloor Heater system Plan ability, the world's big manufacturers still have a certain advantage, which constitutes a necessary threat to domestic companies.
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