Advantages Of Stainless Steel Kettle Heater

Advantages of Stainless Steel Kettle Heater

Water and heating element is described completely isolated, water inflow in heats up, the "living water, low temperature circulation heating principle, in order to avoid due to hydrostatic scale problems in the process of high temperature heating pipes, in theory, there is a full scale; Long life, corrosion resistance and other advantages.

1, hot principle: the integral casting metal packing by the device through the wall, the rapid transmission of (metal material has a very fast thermal conductivity), make whole body temperature, metal to achieve uniform dispersed electric heating, the lower the temperature of the heating elements per unit area within the scope of, reduce the heat load of the heating element and three-dimensional surround all within the flow of the heat exchange of water at the same time, improves the thermal efficiency, because increased thermal efficiency of heat dissipation rate, at the same time also slow down the Stainless Steel Kettle Heater, control the ageing of the scale of production, thus to extend its service life;

As shown in figure 2, heat pipe and used for casting metal material flow gaps between fill up and so on the surface of the heater element completely isolated from water and air are described, and eliminate the possibility of oxide on the surface of the water used in stainless steel tube surrounded by a whole, no joint, joint and weld, eliminate the risk of leakage, may lead to the erosion of welding. (water - stainless steel water trough walls - the overall casting filling layer - heat - insulating layer - wall element) structure completely eliminate water contact with electric heating elements, even in the case of water or heating tube rupture also won't let in electronic equipment with moisture or water to implement separation in the true sense of touch;

Stainless Steel Kettle Heater

Stainless Steel Kettle Heater

3, Stainless Steel Kettle Heater size 240 mm x mm x 30 mm, heat water channel by nearly 11 circle surrounded by the total length of 6000 mm, each lap 520 mm stainless steel pipe system, long water, large heat exchange area around the entire length (6000 mm inside diameter of 6.5 mm x PI Χ = 125522 square millimeters) greatly improve the heat conversion efficiency, thermal efficiency of more than 99%;

4, the overall casting metal, weight 2.1 kg, the Stainless Steel Kettle Heater pressure 2000 v / < 0.5 ma / 6 seconds without breakdown, flashover, call the police, far exceeds the national standard of durable press 1250 v / 5 ma / 3 s no breakdown flashover phenomenon, call the police. Compared to 1 kilogram of water pressure, the water flow Stainless Steel Kettle Heater is 7L/min 10kg of water resistance;

5, out of the water in the interface connection is using high pressure forming, no welding seam, eliminate the traditional Stainless Steel Kettle Heater inlet and outlet of weld corrosion, due to the leaking problem of non-metallic activity joint interface, and the use and export connections are faucet safety (insulation), the installation, disassembly and maintenance water switch and the nozzle, and not to remove Stainless Steel Kettle Heater can easily operate the Stainless Steel Kettle Heater inlet and outlet joint can use the entrance to the activity center and export to adjust distance, can be applied to any design on the market (transverse horizontal) shell;

6. The heating element port is suitable for heating elements in the temperature zone. The terminals are dispersed and their heat is reduced to ensure safety. Connect to an integrated high-voltage reporter terminal to avoid the loss caused by welding contact point, or the welding is not to cause the false welding, causing the false welding phenomenon, which causes the burning of the terminal current of the overheating line.