Aluminum Diecast Heater In The Course Of The Operation Of The Failure Of The Analysis

Aluminum Diecast Heater in the course of the operation of the failure of the analysis
Aluminum Diecast Heater is a thermal power plant in the water supply system of the important equipment. Heater operating conditions are also good, but also with the unit's economy is closely related to, so strengthen the monitoring of the operation of the heater is one of the important work of the operation. In the operation should pay attention to monitor the heater water level, temperature rise and end difference and other issues, for the parameters of the exception, should be carefully summed up the analysis to find out the reasons to achieve the purpose of good operation of Aluminum Diecast Heater. The following is the Aluminum Diecast Heater operation failure analysis:
  Operation Fault Analysis of Aluminum Die - casting Heater
A leak
   Aluminum Diecast Heater leakage is caused by Aluminum Diecast Heater system failure out of the most common causes, usually Aluminum Diecast Heater water chamber separator leakage and Aluminum Diecast Heater core leakage. The leakage of the separator will result in a decrease in the feed water flow through the heated steel pipe, the low feed water temperature, and the thermal efficiency of the aluminum die-cast heater. Aluminum Diecast Heater core leakage will seriously affect the operation of Aluminum Diecast Heater economy, if the serious leakage will make a lot of water directly into the hydrophobic system, may endanger the safety of steam turbine. The reasons for the leakage of Aluminum Diecast Heaters are mainly caused by the temperature rise rate of the Aluminum Diecast Heater during the start-up and stop, the temperature drop rate exceeds the stipulated, the thermal stress is too large; the change of the water supply pressure and the thermal shock on both sides of the soft water lead to deformation of the tube plate; Die-casting heater water level or low water level operation to produce vapor-liquid two-phase flow, the erosion of the metal pipe wall erosion; water overpressure; material failure or poor quality of the installation.
Second, the hydrophobic automatic adjustment device is running poorly
   The hydrophobic control valve in the hydrophobic automatic adjustment device adjusts the valve opening degree according to the setting value of the water level of the Aluminum Diecast Heater. When the hydrophobic regulating valve opening degree is too large, the heater has a low water level operation, which causes the upper level steam Through the water pipe directly into the steam side, which will squeeze the water side of the heater, reducing the heat recovery effect. This will change the normal parameters of each heater due to the obstruction of the operation of the hydrophobic automatic adjustment device, and will also flush the water supply pipe when the airflow collides with the water flow, resulting in dithering, damage to the hydrophobic pipe elbow and the hydrophobic control valve Very big. If the opening degree of the hydrophobic control valve is too small, the heater water level will continue to increase. If the water level in the heater is high, the heat transfer area will be reduced and the temperature of the outlet water of the heater will be reduced.
   Aluminum Diecast Heater manufacturers safe operation of specific considerations:
   L) the beginning of the operation to be slow, first full preheat, and gradually warming;
   2) do the preheating of the relief valve and put into operation after the adjustment work;
   3) start the unit should first open the cold side of the valve, to be stable and then open the hot side of the valve; and parking should first turn off the hot side of the valve, and then close the cold side valve.
   4) Aluminum Diecast Heater after the normal operation, close the soda Aluminum Diecast Heater trap bypass valve, the trap into the normal work. If the trap temperature is too low as below 50 ℃, the bypass valve can be opened to run, if the trap temperature is too high, such as 90 ℃ and the condensate system without pressure operation, the bypass valve to prevent the steam through, Impact
   5) as much as possible with the same Aluminum Diecast Heater consistent, so run more stable, more efficient operation.
Operation adjustment, operation adjustment mainly according to the weather changes to adjust the water supply temperature and flow. Operators mainly through the control of a heat pipe unit tube Aluminum Diecast Heater superheated steam into the steam flow to achieve the purpose of controlling the unit outlet water temperature. When the outdoor temperature is high, the temperature is controlled by controlling the number of running stations and adjusting the steam flow rate. But pay attention to minimize the Aluminum Diecast Heater to open the frequency, in case of frequent opening and closing caused by sealing leakage. When the heating load is reduced, pay attention to the steam pipe hydrophobic, to prevent Aluminum Diecast Heater water hammer. Operation adjustment to the entire system coordination, unified deployment.