Aluminum Diecast Heater The Operation And Principle Of Resistance Heating

Aluminum Diecast Heater The operation and principle of resistance heating
Aluminum Diecast Heater is used to heat the object is very simple way, is the use of current generated by the Joule effect, the effective conversion of electricity into heat to heat the material. Such a heating method can be divided into direct resistance heating and indirect resistance heating two, the specific requirements are different.
Aluminum Diecast Heater If direct resistance heating is used, the supply voltage can be applied directly to the heated object. From this, it can be directly resistance to heating the object must be a conductor, but also have a higher resistivity. Since heat is generated by the object itself being heated, the thermal efficiency is bound to be high.
The indirect resistance heating of the Aluminum Diecast Heater requires a heat element made of a special alloy material or a non-metallic material, which is then generated by the heat generating element and transmitted to the heated object by means of radiation, convection and conduction.
For the Aluminum Diecast Heater, the heated object and the heating element are divided into two parts, so the type of object to be heated is generally not limited and the operation is simple. Only the heating element used by the material requirements are higher, under normal circumstances must meet the resistivity, resistance temperature coefficient is small, the deformation at high temperature is small and not easy to brittle and other requirements.
So, Aluminum Diecast Heater often with iron aluminum alloy, nickel-chromium alloy and other metal materials, or silicon carbide, molybdenum disilicide and other non-metallic materials as heating elements for the production of materials, and material and material between the working temperature of the Are not the same.
Auxiliary Aluminum Diecast Heater is a specially designed heating device designed to accommodate the environment. It has certain advantages over other products. These advantages are embodied in material, structure, technology, function and so on. In order to ensure that the auxiliary Aluminum Diecast Heater to play a better effect, before the need for reasonable debugging.
Auxiliary Aluminum Diecast Heater with stainless steel structure and waterproof design, it has a strong anti-corrosion ability, so that will be able to meet the needs of the outdoor environment. But also in the stainless steel liner and stainless steel shell filled with high-quality insulation material to improve its insulation effect.
At the same time, auxiliary Aluminum Diecast Heater internal core components are also made of high-quality materials, the process also uses advanced production equipment and technology, greatly increasing the electric heating pipe in the water corrosion resistance, to ensure safe and stable run.
Auxiliary Aluminum Diecast Heater is designed with a reasonable flow direction and a splash plate is provided inside it to change the direction of the flow, ensuring uniform heating, no high and low temperature, high thermal efficiency. In addition, according to user requirements to help Aluminum Diecast Heater multi-level control group heating, greatly facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of the machine.
During the commissioning of the Aluminum Diecast Heater, the first need to reduce the pressure of the aluminum Diecast Heater itself, the greater the pressure loss, the greater the energy consumption of the fan. In order to achieve this, it should be improved from the structure of the air Aluminum Diecast Heater itself, so that the resulting pressure loss is as small as possible.
If the fan for some reason to stop working, then help the aluminum Diecast Heater also timely current, and is strictly prohibited in the shell without positive circulation of air, so as not to cause early damage to the heating element. Also at the start, you must start the fan, then turn on the power of the Aluminum Diecast Heater component; the reverse of the stop, the order can not be confused.