Aluminum Diecast Heater Winding Deformation Tester Note

Aluminum Diecast Heater winding deformation tester Note

1. First check the aluminum die-casting heater grounding is good, the casing lead should be fully unlocked.

2. Record the nameplate data and the original working condition of the tested product in detail, and the location of the tap changer under the current test condition of the tested aluminum die-casting heater and carefully enter the case registration window.

3. Aluminum Diecast Heater According to the situation of the test object to establish the sub-directory of the test data file; after the completion of the test data should be backed up to the directory, and pay attention to finishing work.

4. Data storage format: the file is stored in the form of ASCII code, the user can use a variety of text editing software to read and modify.

5. Aluminum Diecast Heater Just stop the operation of the aluminum die-casting heater to be measured before the measurement should try to let it cool down; but in the whole measurement process should be stopped by the means of its cooling, keep the temperature, so that the process of measuring the temperature change is too large While affecting the consistency of the measurement results.


☆ acquisition control using high-speed, highly integrated microprocessor.

☆ USB communication interface between PC and instrument.

☆ hardware movement using DDS special digital high-speed sweep technology (the United States), through the test can accurately diagnose the winding distortion, drum, shift, tilt, inter-turn short circuit deformation and phase contact short circuit and other failures.

☆ Aluminum Diecast Heater high resolution dB value measurement, dual 16-bit A / D (field test to change the on-load tap-changer, that is, a clear output change).

☆ signal output range can be software adjustment, the maximum peak ± 10V.

☆ Aluminum Diecast Heater computer will test the results generated electronic documents (WORD)

☆ finished circuit board, the surface has a special treatment, with water and harmful gas pollution.

☆ Aluminum Diecast Heater notebook computers and measuring instruments using isolated power supply, excluding external interference