Auxiliary Electric Heater Maintenance Conditions Which

Many places have the need for central air conditioning auxiliary electric heater work items, the auxiliary electric heater how to maintain it? We look at the six conditions of the auxiliary electric heater maintenance.

One, should keep enough water pressure in the system to ensure that all electric heating tube immersed in flowing water, so water dry, damaged electrical tubular heating elements.

Second, working pressure: less than 1.1 times times the rated value, the shell shall be effectively earthed.

Third, the winter when not in use, put water in the cylinder to prevent freezing cylinder.

Four, the working medium: not easy to scale, no corrosion, no impurities in the clean flowing water.

Five, power supply, water supply should be closed when not in use for a long time, drain tube in the water.

Six, should water valve before use, ensure the cylinder filled with water, the pressure is not greater than the working pressure before the ohmic heating.