Boiler And Auxiliary Electric Heater Uses What Is The Difference Between

Boiler and auxiliary electric heater is heated, what the difference is between the use of it?

Boiler is through an external heat, steam or hot water output. Auxiliary electric heater anyway heats up faster, to the auxiliary heating. Boiler is an energy conversion device of input energy to the boiler fuel chemical energy, electrical energy, boiler output of steam, hot water or with a certain heat organic heat carrier. The original meaning of the fire pot heated water containers, and refers to the place of burning fuel, boilers including Pan and the stove in two parts. Boilers of hot water or steam can be directly generated in industrial production and people's life to provide the required heat, steam power plant can also be converted to mechanical energy, or by a generator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Auxiliary electric heater is electrical energy turns into heat energy, and help the air conditioning heating, meaning that it is a supplement for air conditioning appliances.

Above is to use difference between the boiler and the auxiliary electric heater.