China International Coffee Show

On June 25, our company joined hands with Guangzhou Douz Trade Co., Ltd. to participate in China International Coffee Exhibition and Beijing Coffee Culture Festival. This exhibition also held the International Coffee Draw Competition China qualifier, international entrepreneurship candidates Yatai District Finals. Large-scale exhibition, has attracted countless coffee lovers at home and abroad and drinks exhibitors.


This time our company joint Duz Trade Co., Ltd. introduced a new sales strategy, free registration to receive coffee machine. That is, you will receive a free deposit for the delivery of our coffee machine and a refund of the deposit for up to 300 bags using our coffee beans. This marketing strategy has greatly facilitated the small coffee shops and West Point restaurants that nowadays want to eat coffee but worry about cost recovery to run freshly ground coffee while better driving sales of coffee beans and related products. It not only reduces the input of terminal traders in the shop cost, but also broadens the way for sellers in supporting the sales system of products to better drive the production and sales through-train, which completely subverts the high price of machinery in the coffee industry, the high production cost and the requirement of personnel Higher number of difficulties, so that everyone can really drink a cup of cheap and delicious freshly ground coffee.

During the exhibition, our company also reached an agreement with Guangzhou Douz Trading Co., Ltd. to set up a coffee training center in our company to develop and develop our knowledge of coffee culture based on coffee making and to cultivate new knowledge of coffee culture for Senna and Shana A group of coffee culture lovers, I Division in the coffee industry to show a higher degree of professionalism, a more strong culture of coffee.