Common Failures And Maintenance Of Stainless Steel Kettle Heater

Common failures and maintenance of Stainless Steel Kettle Heater

Failure 1: digital display does not work.

Check whether the air switch is closed and the control loop is in good condition.

Failure 2: heater temperature does not rise.

Check whether the fuse is intact and the Stainless Steel Kettle Heater is damaged?

Fault three: three phase unbalanced.

(1) check if the three-phase incoming line voltage is missing.

(2) open the Stainless Steel Kettle Heater protective cover and check whether the single electric heating element is broken.

Failure 4: Stainless Steel Kettle Heater crack problem

Hvac system design, there is a neglected problem, and also is one of the most difficult problem, is the temperature below zero air processing problems, especially the 100% of the outdoor air fresh air system. When outdoor temperatures fall below 0 ℃, such as into the wind or the fresh air in the system is not effective anti-freezing measures are taken, the stainless steel water heater in the water or water will be frozen. The result of freezing is that the light affects the normal motion, and the reheating of the heater tube is broken and must be renewed or repaired. This will cause the air-conditioning system to stop running and affect the use of buildings.

(1) phenomenon: the freezer was cracked. The air conditioning system of an animal feeding room in a mild district is a direct current (all-new wind system) operating around the clock. There are table coolers, steam heaters and steam humidifiers. A winter watch freezer has been frostbite

Cause: there is no preheating coil in winter, water in the cooler, and freezing directly in the air outside.

Countermeasures: if the water in the cold storage device should be leaked in the winter, or the heater should be set in the inlet, then the heater should be set up.

(2) phenomenon: the freezer was cracked. An air conditioner in the south, in winter, the cold water is cracked and leaking.

Reason: one day the temperature is very low, the new wind and the return wind mix bad, outdoor low temperature air is blown directly to the cold dish tube.

Countermeasure: add the wind mixing section and the new return air mixing valve, make the new, the return air fully mix and then to the table cooler.

(3) phenomenon: the steam heater is frozen and cracked. A project, the Spring Festival holiday, outdoor - 14 ~ 15 ℃, stop running air conditioning. After the festival, when the steam is turned on, steam is blown out of the coil (heater leakage).

Countermeasure: add a set of Stainless Steel Kettle Heater in air conditioner, control with temperature controller in an air conditioner. When the temperature reaches the lower limit temperature in the machine, open the Stainless Steel Kettle Heater. In general, the protection of frost protection should be installed in the design.

(4) phenomena: the hot water heater is frozen. A research laboratory, indoor temperature is 20 ℃, relative humidity is 50%, the air conditioner for monolithic (rt) 30, in which added a hot water heater and the evaporator is clingy, outside the entrance is equipped with electric heating air preheater. In mid-november, hot water was frozen and the water soaked in the whole laboratory.

Cause: when the accident happened, the compressor of the air conditioner was running, and the evaporator was only 10mm between the heating coil. Because of the large amount of cold radiation of the evaporator, the heaters are cracked.

Countermeasures: the two - way valve of hot water heater and compressor interlock of air conditioner. As long as the compressor is moving together, the two energy valves open up to 10% so that the water can flow without freezing. This is not an energy-saving measure, but it can be solved without much change.

(5) phenomenon: the water supply pipe of the cooling tower in winter is frozen. A project is located in a warm area, with 30RT total air conditioner, running frequently, and winter is no exception. The supply water pipes are cracked when the Spring Festival breaks.

Reason: the water of the riser in the cooling tower is frozen.

Countermeasures: the cooling tower is often used in winter, heating tube in tower. When the tower stops working, open the heating tube, not to freeze. The tower that is not used in winter can be leaked to save water, especially after the shutoff valve of the water pipe should also be put in the drain valve, so that the water in the tower is fully emptied.