Entral Air Conditioning Auxiliary Heater For Induction Heating

Central air conditioning auxiliary heater for induction heating is the use of a conductor in an alternating electromagnetic field induced by the formation of thermal effect in the conductor itself fever. According to different heating requirements, induction heating using the AC power frequency power frequency, medium frequency and high frequency. Power frequency power supply AC power supply is usually used in industry, the vast majority of countries in the world the power frequency of 50 kHz. Frequency for induction heating power supply voltage on the sensors must be adjusted. According to the size of heating equipment size and power grid capacity, you can use the high voltage power supply (6~10 kV) through the transformer power supply; heating equipment can also be connected to the low voltage of 380 volts on the grid.

Medium-frequency power supply in the medium frequency generator for a long time. It formed by medium frequency generators and drive motor. This unit of output power of 50~1000 kW range. With the development of power electronics technology, using a medium-frequency power supply of thyristor inverter. The medium-frequency power supply using thyristor AC into DC power, desired frequency direct current into alternating current. Due to this frequency conversion equipment, small size, light weight, noise-free, reliable, has gradually replaced the medium-frequency generator.

Usually for high frequency power supply transformer voltage of 380 volts three-phase high voltage of up to about 20,000 volts or so, then thyratron or high voltage silicon rectifier AC power frequency rectifier to DC, and electronic oscillation tubes convert DC electricity into the high frequency and high voltage AC power. High frequency power supply from tens of Watts to several hundred watts of output power.

Induction heating of the object must be a conductor. When high frequency AC current through the conductor, the conductor skin effect, the surface current density, Center conductor current density.

Induction heating to uniformly heat the object and the surface heating; melting metal in high frequency, changing the heating coil (also known as the sensors), also for any local heating.