Four Benefits Of Auxiliary Electric Heater

 The overall use of stainless steel structure, and waterproof, suitable for outdoor environments, with strong corrosion resistance. Between the stainless steel liner with stainless steel casing filled with high quality insulation materials, improving its insulating effect.

Second, internal electric heating tube hungry main parts adopt imported raw materials, also used in the processing of advanced production equipment and technology, greatly increase the corrosion resistance of electric heating tube in the water, ensure the safe and stable operation.

Third, the direction of flow design, built-in split plate change flow direction, even without high and low temperature corners, high thermal efficiency.

Four, the auxiliary electrical heater of the company in accordance with user requirements, using multilevel control heating. Easy to repair and maintenance, just remove the sealing cap, stainless steel nut twist dismount Orchid, you can take the electric heating tube.