From The Energy Saving And Environmental Protection To See A Variety Of Aluminum Diecast Heater Characteristics

From the energy saving and environmental protection to see a variety of Aluminum Diecast Heater characteristics
    China is heating Aluminum Diecast Heater production and use of large, Aluminum Diecast Heater type, from the material points are steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and plastic 5, from the form of points on the column Type, plate type, airfoil, column airfoil, plate airfoil, flat tube type, string type, finned tube type, convection type, compound type, combination type and so on. Energy saving and environmental protection is the world is very concerned about the big problem. For China's sustained and rapid economic development, the state proposed 50% of the recent building energy-saving targets, such as Beijing and other major cities and even building energy-saving 65%. China's current heating energy consumption is very large, about 3 times the developed countries, the new word Aluminum Diecast Heater energy-saving should be highly valued. Now from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection of China's existing Aluminum Diecast Heater characteristics, while people choose the scientific.
 1, from the material point of view, good thermal conductivity of the heat fast, high thermal efficiency, relative to energy saving. All kinds of materials, thermal conductivity of high and low sort: copper, aluminum, cast aluminum, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, plastic. From the thermal efficiency, the best copper, followed by aluminum, steel Ye Hao, the worst plastic.
 2, from the production conditions point of view, the process is simple, mechanized, high degree of automation, energy consumption less energy-saving products. Cast iron Aluminum Diecast Heater production process is complex, the total energy consumption is high, steel Aluminum Diecast Heater production process is simple, mechanized, high degree of automation, the total low energy consumption, low cost.
 3, from the metal thermal strength indicators, the high number of energy-saving. Metal thermal strength is the Aluminum Diecast Heater in the standard test conditions, the unit temperature per unit mass of metal heat dissipation, the unit is W / KG ℃, it is a technical and economic indicators, reflecting the material, energy efficiency. Different materials, the form of Aluminum Diecast Heater metal thermal strength values are different, cast iron 0.3-0.4. Steel 0.8-1.0 or more, aluminum 1-3 or more, obviously, the best aluminum, steel, the worst cast iron.
 4, the installation of thermostatic control valve, can control room temperature, energy conservation more than 20%, the installation of thermostatic valve, should use the heat fast, high thermal efficiency Aluminum Diecast Heater, otherwise the control is not working, difficult to reach the purpose of constant temperature.
 5, from the Aluminum Diecast Heater water capacity point of view, the water capacity and heat the ratio of small Aluminum Diecast Heater energy saving. Water capacity is small, heating, transportation cycle energy consumption less, warming fast, high efficiency, energy saving. Steel plate, steel finned tube convection Aluminum Diecast Heater, brass convection Aluminum Diecast Heater water capacity is small, energy saving. At present, some of the introduction of large-scale Aluminum Diecast Heater is a misleading, it is not energy.
 6, from the Aluminum Diecast Heater height and the number of assembly point of view, the film is not too high, the number of small pieces of Aluminum Diecast Heater, better and better heat, energy saving. Column Aluminum Diecast Heater column number should not be too much, while the 2 column, 3 column is better, too many columns but not energy. More columns, the column can not fully heat.
 7, installed Aluminum Diecast Heater cover is not energy, will reduce the heat 15% - 25%.
 8, from the takeover point of view, up and down the good. Sometimes the following two sides into and out of the heat will be reduced by 20%. Is concentrated under the concentrated development, to hide the pipeline, the Aluminum Diecast Heater internal flow into the out of the heat on the little impact (about 5%).
 9, building maintenance structure insulation, doors and windows sealed good insulation can be used indium Aluminum Diecast Heater, energy saving.
 10, in the Aluminum Diecast Heater wall installed a heat board, can reduce the loss of wall heat transfer, energy saving.
 11, from the Aluminum Diecast Heater exterior coating point of view, the traditional silver paint will reduce the heat of about 10%, while the paint can improve the heat, energy saving.
 12, composite Aluminum Diecast Heater due to the thermal expansion coefficient of two different metals, the composite surface heat resistance increases, will reduce the heat, adverse energy saving.
 13, within the anti-corrosion coating thermal conductivity is poor, affecting the heat, adverse energy saving. Internal anti-corrosion coating process is complex, poor production and environmental protection; the use of paint may be peeling off, affecting the heat medium water quality.