Hand In Hand To Open A Whole New Market With China Beverage Express

Throughout the hot summer, Sunny from the Royal Exhibition to the Shenyang show to Dalian International Coffee Fair, we have to many well-known domestic and international coffee brands, domestic and foreign customers to showcase their own unique technology and cost-effective. Each city, we will always attract people to watch the park, sit down and enjoy the products from our hand-brewed variety of drinks.

Sunny introduced at the show not only the new coffee machine in the color with a new change, but also increased the boiler power, reducing the heating wait time, the 2.0 version of the system is to grind beans is improved, so that grinding Powder thickness adjustment becomes more convenient, objective and easy to control. In Dalian exhibition, there are fortunate enough to visit the production base of tree-based coffee, coffee beans from all over the country to conduct a rigorous screening, after a rigorous operation and finally roasted into a refreshing coffee beans, people feel Japanese ingenuity, can not help but want to hurry back to try their own roasted coffee beans.

Now, Sunny coffee machine has been successfully stationed in Auntie tea, tribute tea and other famous brands at home and abroad in the future, we will continue to strive for excellence, adhere to the quality, really hard work, down to the real work, to "become the world's most competitive Coffee machine production base "this goal.