How To Manufacture Aluminum Diecast Heater And How To Use Them

How to manufacture Aluminum Diecast Heater and how to use them
Aluminum Diecast Heater manufacturing process: high-temperature plastic cast iron heating ring to prepare the heating pipe bent into the required requirements. Into the preparation of the mold, with hot metal casting, and then polished, smooth finishing, and finally get the finished product.
Aluminum Diecast Heater Introduction Aluminum Diecast Heater is a tubular heating element for the heating element, the component bending molding, into the mold to centrifugal casting into a variety of shapes, round, flat, right angle, air-cooled, water-cooled and other special Wait. After finishing it and the body can be tight fit, the surface load can reach 3-4.5w / cm5, play a fast heating, heat evenly, good thermal conductivity, long service life.
The product is currently one of the ideal heaters at home and abroad. Aluminum Diecast Heater is a tubular heating element for the heating element, with high-quality iron material for the shell by die-casting electric heater, the use of temperature is generally between 150 ~ 450 degrees. Can be widely used in plastic machinery, Cable machinery, chemicals, rubber, oil and other equipment.
Cast iron electric heater use and precautions 1, the working voltage shall not exceed 10% of the rated value; air relative humidity of not more than 95%, no explosive and corrosive gases. 2, the wiring part of the heating layer, the insulation layer, the shell should be effectively ground; to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media, moisture; lead wire should be able to withstand long-term wiring part of the temperature and heating load, Avoid excessive force. 3, metal casting heater should be placed in a dry place, if long-term placement, insulation resistance below 1MΩ, can be about 200 degrees Celsius oven baking 5-6 hours, you can return to normal. Or reduce the voltage through the heating until the insulation resistance is restored. 4, Aluminum Diecast Heater should be fixed positioning, effective heating area must be close with the heating body, is strictly prohibited air burning. Found that the surface of dust or contaminants, it should be promptly cleaned and re-use, so as not to affect the heat and shorten the service life. 5, the electric tube outlet side of the magnesium oxide powder, in the use of places to avoid contaminants and water infiltration, to prevent the occurrence of leakage accidents.
The Aluminum Diecast Heater at low ambient temperatures can be heated by heating element construction in the embodiment, and the structure of the hose is always used within the permissible temperature range. The hardware includes: a sample box, a sensor, a data acquisition card and a computer. The sample box is used to place the sample; the sensor implements the simulation test including voltage, power and temperature; the data acquisition of the data acquisition card; the computer is used to implement other display, data processing and storage capabilities. In this article, hardware, careful analysis, selection and design of all aspects. Depending on the environment, the material and shape of the object heated at different temperatures of the heater will change. Twisted and overlapped "8" shaped steel thread clues are closed by the valve section, the working section and the temperature compensation section.
The Aluminum Diecast Heater is a particularly soft heating belt with nickel-chromium alloy wire and insulating material, its high power density design, heat dissipation fast, high thermal efficiency, long service life and so on. But with a generally constant power band outside of adiabatic, and in some cases can also be used instead of heating. The electric tube has good waterproof performance and can be used for industrial heating equipment or laboratory piping, tank and tank heating and moisture damp, no explosive gas atmospheres, can be directly heated parts, easy to install, safe and reliable surface winding. Suitable for cold areas, pipelines and solar power plus hot water pipe insulation, thawing, ice and snow tropical silicone rubber main functions and other functions. High temperature, cold, anti-aging and so on. In order to avoid flammable and explosive media pit, vignette and installation, other parts of the silicone rubber belt may accumulate. It should be noted that the temperature level selection band, not more than flash point or flammable medium autoignition temperature of 75%. Do not hit the band out or drag on the ground. The heating cable must be installed in all piping systems where the media is installed and must be installed in all frequency bands after the test pressure or airtight insulation, complete commissioning, test the feed power after normal.