Installation Of Thick Film Heater Attention Points

Installation of Thick Film Heater attention points
 Thick Film Heater manufacturers have been deeply received the majority of consumers trust the unit, in the professional Thick Film Heater manufacturers, produced by the various types and varieties of Thick Film Heaters are equipped with a certain quality , Of course, to some extent, we only understand the product information after the letter, is to know how to install and use, today Xiaobian and we are introduced to the Thick Film Heater installation of this product.
    Thick Film Heater manufacturers to tell you that the Thick Film Heater is the main use of power to convert electrical energy into heat energy, resulting in a lot of heat, these heat will enhance the ambient temperature, which play the effect of increasing heat, the use of parts when the voltage needs Control within a certain range, the maximum can not exceed one-tenth of the specified voltage.
   Assembly staff specific assembly Thick Film Heater when the need to properly put the wiring part of the wiring part is located between different levels, generally located in the heating level and insulation level between the equipment shell and the ground should be connected to the other Thick Film Heater manufacturers to Particular emphasis is placed on the parts should usually be placed in a dry place, if placed for a long time, parts should be placed in the oven baking, baking time in about 6 hours.
Now on the market production and sales of Thick Film Heater manufacturers, enterprises, the store has a lot. We should be how to choose the right to buy is a very real problem.
   First of all, we as the purchaser, we must first clear what they need. Buy Thick Film Heater, it is best to have engineers design drawings, so that you can directly to the Thick Film Heater manufacturers. According to the drawings produced. If not, we need to know the thickness of the Thick Film Heater, power, shape, production cycle and so on.
   Second, choose how to buy the way is also very important, is the local Thick Film Heater manufacturers made, or looking for physical business to buy, or buy online. It all depends on your own wishes.
   Again, how to identify good businesses choose to buy. I think directly on the Internet to find thick-film heater manufacturers, compared to the next price, and now the heater technology has matured, the price advantage of the enterprise can buy directly. You can first look through the company's website.
   Finally, after the purchase of products, after-sales service is also very important. Have a good reputation of the enterprise, Thick Film Heater manufacturers. Or more conducive to the subsequent purchase.
    Thick Film Heater manufacturers to tell you is like a Thick Film Heater such machinery is often directly through the use of current, and produce a Joule effect of electricity into heat to heat the object. Usually divided into direct resistance heating and direct resistance heating. The former power supply voltage is directly applied to the heated object, when there is current flow over the heated objects themselves heated ironing machine will heat. Direct resistance to heating the object is necessary to have a conductor, but have a higher resistivity. Because the heat occurs in the heated object itself, attributed to the internal heating, high thermal efficiency. Direct resistance heating by special alloy materials or non-metallic materials made of heating elements, heat generated by the heat element, after radiation, convection and conduction methods such as heated objects. Because the heated object and the heating element are divided into two parts, the variety of objects to be heated is usually unconstrained and simple to operate.
   Thick Film Heater manufacturers through the finishing of some of the heat resistance of the direct resistance heating information used to know the general demand for resistivity, resistance temperature coefficient is small, high deformation at high temperature and not easy to brittle. Commonly used iron and aluminum alloy, nickel-chromium alloy and other metal materials and silicon carbide, molybdenum disilicide and other non-metallic materials. The maximum operating temperature of the metal heating element is up to 1000 ~ 1500 ℃ according to the data variety. The maximum operating temperature of the nonmetallic heating element can reach 1500 ~ 1700 ℃. The latter device is convenient, can be hot furnace replacement, but the Thick Film Heater manufacturers to remind you of the need for operation when the pressure regulator equipment, life than the alloy heating element is short, usually used for high temperature furnace, the temperature beyond the metal information heating element Promise the highest operating temperature of the local and some special occasions.