Portable Tubular Heater Operation Precautions

Portable Tubular Heater Operation Precautions

▲ users in the continuous measurement process do not easily press the "reset" button, otherwise it will lose all the data keys. If the impact coefficient at hand, you can re-enter.

▲ must do a good job photoelectric signs, observe the accuracy of the machine speed. This is an important guarantee for the tubular heater to carry out the dynamic balance test.

▲ cause the machine vibration is a big reason for many reasons. Only in the same frequency amplitude of the total amplitude of the larger components, with a dynamic balance approach to reduce vibration. On the contrary can not get the desired effect.

▲ In the dynamic balance test method, it is necessary to add the test to the measured surface of the known position, pay attention to the increase after the amplitude of vibration and phase and the original vibration amplitude and phase changes. If the data changes are not obvious, then after the calculation of the vibration effect is not obvious. If the amplitude change is not obvious, it should increase the weight of the test weight. If the phase change is not obvious, you should re-move the test position.

▲ For the first time to balance a rotor must try the method. Through the test method to get the impact coefficient, the balance of the same type of rotor can be used to affect the coefficient method, the operation is relatively simple.

▲ The tube heater can be powered by AC 220V, you can also use the machine 12V battery power supply. Generally require AC 220V charging, 12V battery-powered, so the machine is relatively small noise. Please note that when the battery voltage is less than 10V, require timely charging. Otherwise it will affect the battery life.

The main function:

● versatile, can be used for tachometer, but also for vibration measurement, vibration signal analysis, in particular, with all the functions of dynamic balance measurement. (Unbalanced vibration volume and phase instant display)
● Frequency analysis of machine vibration (FFT maximum 1024 points)
● Automatically measure the influence coefficient with the test weight method and calculate the single-sided and double-sided permanent counterweight, or the known influence coefficient Calculate the permanent counterweight based on the measured original vibration, the edge measurement, or the one-time typing. (To try or not to try to choose)
● Have the calculated permanent weight to the left and right selected angle calculation.
● With the detection of the same frequency with the rotor, half frequency and frequency components of the frequency analysis of frequency components.
● simple operation, tubular heater automatically prompt, the general staff can use.